What we Offer

This service allows SmsNotifygh clients to communicate with their customers by calling their Mobile Number or Land Lines anywhere in Ghana with a pre-recorded voice message through a fully automated Online System. The calls are completely automated hence no operators or dialer is needed to process the call. Once the system is set all the client does is send a pre-recorded message to a contact list through our user-friendly online application. This service helps our clients to enhance their businesses.


Instead of a standard SMS text message or ‘spray and pray’ email marketing campaign, voice broadcasting campaigns can be scripted to provide a personalized message that can peak an immediate interest by the recipient.


Interactive voice broadcasting campaigns allow recipients to listen to the voice message and use the phone’s keypad to interact with the system. Businesses can use this to send out phone surveys, confirm appointments and even direct the caller to another menu or the appropriate extension.

Lowest cost

Voice broadcasting campaigns are relatively inexpensive, and allows you to deploy a message through a medium not as widely used as other marketing channels. Voice broadcasts merit almost immediate attention, especially when transmitted to cellular phone numbers.

Benefits Of Voice Message

SMS NOTIFY GHANA Voice SMS is a very effective communication system than Text messaging. Today many people want to save on time because every person busy in own life style. Voice SMS is a great tool for the fastest advertising, communication, and marketing. If you want to conduct a meeting and any information send to others then Voice SMS is the best opinion. You can record a message with your voice and send multiple people simultaneously. Voice SMS is an effective tool for both literate and illiterate peoples because it is easily understood by all. Voice SMS also helps to emerge your business. You can share information or updates to your customers with emotion and a human touch.

  1. Record and upload voice files of any format.The System does the conversion for you.
  2. You can view overall campaign of Voice SMS sent over a period.
  3. Schedule your Voice messages at a preferred date or time.
  4. What’s more, our prices are affordable and Voice Call balance does not expire.
  5. Messages are charged only for successful calls connected and SMS can as well be sent if voice call is not received.

Whatever company you do or run either a multimedia company, religious organization, or financial institution. reaching your audience is of paramount importance to the sustainability of your business. Through constant feedback and mobile marketing campaigns via mobile phones, your business should see exponential growth in sales and customers.