What we Offer

  1. Reliability: To maintain 99.99% uptime
  2. Real-time monitoring: We offer real-time delivery report on all messages sent out from our system. No fake reports on SMS status. Daily reports are also available.
  3. Cost: We offer the cheapest but most reliable rates in Ghana.

Address Book

Our Address Book allows you to store the database of contacts on the platform into groups. The name, title, phone number, email and birthday of contacts can be saved. Contacts can be added individually or imported from an Excel Workbook. These contacts can be updated as and when the need arises. The address book also caters for duplicates. During importation or adding of contacts to a group, duplicate contacts are automatically detected and removed.

Excel Messaging

The platform allows you to send out messages that have unique content for each contact. This is possible using excel. The phone numbers of the contacts are placed in the first column and their respective information in other columns. Up to 9 unique information for each contact can be inserted. An example is sending fees reminders where each contact has a different fee. The message is composed once and the system does the rest by replacing placeholders with their respective contents in the uploaded excel file.

Message Personalization

First name, full name, or title and last name can be inserted into a message to make it more personalized. E.g “Hello Kwame, you have been added successfully to our database”.Consequently, with this feature a user doesn’t have to compose a separate message for each contact.

Message Scheduling

Do you want message delivered at a date and time? You don’t need to be online in order to send your message. You can schedule the message for delivery at a later date. The system does the rest.

Message Templates

Message templates can be created and saved on the platform for later use. This avoids re composing of the same message every time a message needs to be sent to a group.

Birthday Messaging

With the birthday of contacts stored in the address books, the system automatically sends a custom birthday message specified by the user to the contact on their birthday.

Delivery Report

Reports are provided for all messages including delivery reports. Delivery reports indicate the message status e.g. Delivered, Undelivered, Submitted, Expired.


Our Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to send SMS for transactions, alerts etc from your software such as banking, school fees collection, admissions, student registration etc.

Whatever company you do or run either a multimedia company, religious organization, or financial institution. reaching your audience is of paramount importance to the sustainability of your business. Through constant feedback and mobile marketing campaigns via mobile phones, your business should see exponential growth in sales and customers.