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SMS Notify takes the complications out of communication by providing platforms to manage your business communication.
Connect and engage with customers.
  • general question - SMS BONUS

    After successfully registered and login you will be given sms bonus of 5 credit for free to be used to test our platform

  • How to get Started

    First of all Register an account with us and login into your Account
    - Choose the services you want, either sms or Voice Call, and proceed to make payment online or offline
    - After successful payment, your account will be credited with how much you paid.
    Note that our services are unlimited. Meaning it doesn't expires.

  • Activate your Account

    Kindly fill in all the required information in the form
    Enter the correct mobile number to receive the confirmation code as a text. In case you didn't receive a code kindly let's know to activate your account for you.

  • I'm new How can I send Bulk sms or Voice Call

    After successful login and payment.
    Call or Send us a message to for assistance. If you agree with us we can send the bulk sms or voice call for you using your own account.

  • Do we charge for Undelivered message or Voice Call

    Our system only charge for delivered messages or voice call
    Our system gives you detail report to know delivered and Undelivered message or voice call. Undelivered messages can be re-send again by our system.

  • Why message's not delivered

    Undelivered messages can be cause by the following:
    - Incorrect or uncomplete number
    - Unstable or poor internet speed
    - Not having sufficient credit.
    - Number blocked by Telecos
    -Note: We've Group Message, Quick Message, Excel Message so kindly choose the appropriate order. .

  • Can a Message or a Voice call sent be delayed

    YES! Message or Voice Call can be delayed because it's a system and online service so anything is possible. But our system can run on slow internet speed.
    - Incase sent message or voice call delays if it's possible to wait for a while kindly do so.
    - After 12 hours Just let's know by sending us a message or call us for assistance.

  • How to send message successfully

    - Make sure you've enough credit at least more than the number of contacts you're sending to.
    - Add your personal contact to it before sending it So that you can receive the message as proof that it's been sent successfully
    - Wait for the excel file containing the contacts or the file uploaded to be uploaded successfully.
    - Check for a successful message from our system after sending it.

  • How to know if message sent successfully

    - Check for successfuly message from our system after sending it.

  • How Many Characters of message can I send to my contacts

    - 160 Characters will cost you a credit for a contact or a number. Meaning if you've 100 credits you can send message to 100 contacts only your Characters are in between 160 Characters
    - You can send more Characters long but note that you will be charge more than 1 credit for a contact. For Example 161 Characters will cost you 2 credit.

  • Birthday App

    You can use our Birthday App to send an sms alert to your staffs, church members, etc
    You will upload an excel file containing their birthdays dates, full name and their mobile numbers

  • how to pay for SMS Credits or Voice Credits

    - In your Account at the top right corner close to your voice and sms balance you will see 'Click on Recharge Account' click on it
    - Select prefared bundle packages Example Basic or Pro
    If the prefared Amount or sms quantity is not available in the Basic or Pro Package kindly scroll down you will see 'Enter Amount' Enter your prefered Amount don't add the currency. Eg. 300 NOT Ghc300 and Click on Purchase.
    - You will be ask to CHOOSE A PAYMENT OPTION (MTN, VODAFONE, TIGO, VISA) ETC kindly follow the instruction available base on your PAYMENT OPTION
    - You will receive a prombt from your mobile phone to confirm payment depending on your Network Provider.
    After succesfful payment you will receive an sms alert that your Account has been credited with the Amount you paid for.
    Note: If you choose VISA as your PAYMENT OPTION kindly follow the instructions available. Also Note that your Name and the Contact/Visa use for the payment will be saved on our Third Party (Slydepay) System for transactions purpose only.
    We don't not do Auto Recharge Account.
    - You can WhatsApp or call us and we will send you the number to use to make payment online.

  • how to pay for VOICE CALL

    - For Voice Top-up or Payment unless you call us

  • how much get account?

    - You don't pay anything to create an account. After creating an account you pay for your preferred sms packages

  • Not able to log into your account

    Dear customer, there are two reasons why you might not be able to log into your account.
    1. Incorrect phone number or password.
    2. Your phone number not activated.
    Kindly note that an activation code is always sent to your phone number after signing up.
    If you try logging in and you get "Phone number not activated" as the feedback, kindly send an email to stating your issue and the number you used to sign up for us to help you activate your phone number for you. If you try logging in and you get "Incorrect phone number or passwrod" as the feedback, you can click here to reset your password.

  • Campaign Pie Chart Not Showing

    Dear customer, Sometimes the pie chart that shows the statistics of your campaign fails to show. This happens when our end operators(MTN, Vodafone, Airtel/Tigo) are experiencing high traffic volumes. You can allow 2 to 3 hours when you encounter this problem for the pie chart to show.
    If the issue still persists after 3 hours, please don't hesitate to send an email to for assistance

  • How do i integrate SMS Notify API to my application

    Generate an API on our messaging platform. You can click here to generate the API. Click to check out our documentation.

  • What do i do if i don't receive an activation code on time ?

    Ooopss please contact our support line 0506195984 so we can activate the account for you.

  • How do I use my SMS Notify account?

    For an extension walkthrough of Bulk Messaging System please click here. For an extension walkthrough of Voice Messaging System please click here. In Summary, we have three messaging type i.e Quick SMS, Excel Messaging and Group Messaging.
    Using Quick SMS:
    Log into your SMS Notify account and click on “Send Message” to select “Quick SMS”. Type in your message and enter phone numbers either separating with comma.
    Select Sender ID or Click on “Register Sender ID” and enter your Sender name. Finally click on the send button to send your messages.
    Using Group Messaging:
    Firstly create an excel file NB: Click on “Import from excel” to view sample excel file
    Log into your SMS Notify account and click “Groups” to create a group name you then, click on “Contacts” to select “Import from excel”. Select group name and attach file to import.
    To send your messages; Click “Send Message” to select “Group Message”, Select group, check to compose a new message or select an existing template.
    Select Sender ID or Click on “Register Sender ID” and enter your Sender name. Finally click on the send button to send your messages.
    Using Excel Messaging:
    Firstly create an excel file- the first column should contain the phone numbers, the other columns can contain other information. Maximum of ten columns.
    Click “Choose file” to select your excel file
    Select Sender ID or Click on “Register Sender ID” and enter your Sender name. Finally click on the send button to send your messages.
    NB: When you Click on Register Sender ID when sender message it will take you off from where you're to another page to Register your Sender ID and after you can go back to continue but it's best recommended that you first create or Register a Sender ID before.

  • What do i do if i don't receive an activation code on time ?

    Ooopss please contact our support line 0506195984 so we can activate the account for you.

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